Purple Ties

Mr. Simeone – Head of Purple Ties (Year 11)


Tutor Time Activities

We follow a dedicated weekly schedule of tutor time activities to ensure that all students in the year group are fully supported by their form tutor.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Assembly PSHE Behaviour & Achievement / attendance check in Literacy / Numeracy Revision techniques / 
Current Affairs


PSHE takes place every Tuesday morning as part of an extended tutor time. Throughout year 11, students will explore a number of different topic areas.

Autumn Term – Law, emergencies, health and sexual health and stress
Spring Term – Employment, exams & revision and Religious Education

Key dates

Monday 18th September 2023 Parent information Evening
Monday 3rd to Friday 9th November 2023 Mock Examinations
Thursday 7th December 2023 Parents’ Evening
TBC Parents’ Evening
TBC Mock Examinations
TBC Graduation

Intervention / Revision

We run a full programme of interventions for students in Year 11. These interventions run on a 2-week rotation. Students are invited, and expected, to attend based on their current progress data. All interventions are designed to support students that need it the most, whether they are working below a grade 4 or working to move from a grade 6 to 7 or above.

The assigned days can be seen in the table below:


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Week 1 English Maths Science Hospitality
Week 2 French (CP)
Product Design
BTEC Business
French (MD)
GCSE Business



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