Purple Ties

Mr. Simeone – Head of Purple Ties

Ms Begg – 10HB
Mr Compton – 10BC
Ms Holmes – 10EY
Mr Osman – 10JO
Mr Pilcher – 10LP
Miss Suntharalingam – 10VSU

Tutor Time Activities

We follow a dedicated weekly schedule of tutor time activities to ensure that all students in the year group are fully supported by their form tutor.

Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday 

Pastoral Notices: 

Behaviour and Achievement 

PSHE  Current Affairs 

Literacy/ Reading  

Equipment Check 



PSHE takes place every Tuesday morning as part of an extended tutor time. Throughout year 10, students will explore a number of different topic areas.

Autumn Term – Personal safety and risks, grooming and exploitation

Spring Term – Changes, wellbeing, body and the mind

Summer Term – Religious Education

Key dates  

Monday 26th September 2022 Parent information Evening
Thursday 12th January 2023 Parents’ Evening

Extracurricular clubs 

Students have already signed up to football and indoor cricket and had fixtures for both sports. Students are currently attending Gym Club on Wednesdays after school. The students have taken a keen interest in weightlifting and aerobic endurance over the last term. This also takes place alongside basketball club which is well attended by our aspiring basketball players.
We will have football fixtures up until March, followed by cricket season taking place in the summer months.

Important Dates:  
Monday 12th June ‘23– Year 10 Exam Week 

Sixth Form Admission 2023 - 24

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