Ernest Bevin Academy is part of United learning Multi-Academy Trust (UL), whose Trustees hold the ultimate legal responsibility for the governance of each UL School. Further information about the governance of UL schools, including its trustees can be found here.

The trustees of UL delegate certain roles and responsibilities to a local governing body (LGB) for each school. These are described in the scheme of delegation.

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Largely advisory, the LGB is delegated the responsibility of providing support and constructive challenge to the school leadership on behalf of UL, drawing upon local knowledge of the school and the community it serves. The LGB supports the school’s behaviour policy by taking part in hearings and appeals for suspensions or exclusions. Amongst other matters it provides strategic oversight of safeguarding, the school budget and the management of formal complaints.

The Chair of governors is appointed by the Group Board. All other local governors are volunteers who are appointed by the LGB on the basis of their skills and expertise. The LGB also reserves two places for representatives from the parent body.


Who are the Governors?

Governor Recruitment

The Governing board is currently looking for new governors.

Secondary School National Offer Day 1st March 2024

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