Sixth Form Induction

Bridging Work

A very long time has passed between you finishing your GCSE/BTEC qualifications and starting your Post 16 education. We want all year 12 students to get a head start on their chosen courses so that you are in the right mind-set and prepared to start the learning in September. Level 3 qualifications are challenging in comparison to your Level 2 courses and you need to be fully equipped for the rigours of Post 16 education. With this in mind, we have put together bridging work for you to complete before your courses start. Every year 12 student is expected to complete the subject specific tasks and reading before you start your first lesson in that subject. If you are unsure what you will study, perhaps you have two subjects in mind and are not sure which to pick, then you need to complete both sets of bridging work. Every year 12 student will be on a probationary report for the first 6 weeks of term. Completing the bridging work is a caveat to passing that probationary period.

We hope you find the tasks both interesting and helpful and we look forward to you starting these courses with Ernest Bevin Academy in September!

Teenage Wellbeing Parent Workshop - Tuesday 23rd April (5.30-6.30)