Sixth Form Curriculum

Whatever future job or course you are aiming for, there are different post-16 qualifications you can take to get you there. At Ernest Bevin Academy Sixth Form we offer five different pathways to suit your needs and support your progression to your next steps.

  • Scholarship Pathway – suitable for those who aspire to go to Oxbridge, study a Medical related field or are aiming for a top Russel Group university. Our scholarship programme provides personal, 1:1 support with the rigour required to make a successful application. This includes a tailored super curriculum programme, pre-admissions test preparation, personal statement and interview support. Available for students only with a minimum GCSE average point score of 6. By invitation only.
  • Academic Pathway – includes the suite of all our A Level subject offers
  • Vocational Pathway – includes the suite of all our BTEC subject offers.
  • Hybrid Pathway – enables you to choose a combination of the academic and vocational courses above
  • Level 2 Pathway- for Internal students ONLY. This pathway gives you the opportunity to pass your GCSE English and Maths whilst studying a suite of level 2 qualifications.

Sixth Form College Entry Requirements

Academic Pathway

5 GCSE’s (or equivalent) at Grade 9-4.

Vocational and Hybrid Pathway

4 GCSE’s (or equivalent) at Grade 9-4

Level 2 Pathway

Internal students only.
4+ GCSE’s at Grades 2+.

Subject Grade Entry Requirements

Course Subject GCSE Grade Entry Requirements
A Level Art GCSE Grade English 4+, Art 5+
A Level Biology GCSE Grade 6+ Biology, 5+ Maths & English
A Level Chemistry GCSE Grade 6+ Chemistry, 6+ Maths
A Level Computer Science GCSE Grade Maths 6+ & English 5+ or Grade 6+ in Computer Science/td>
A Level Design & Technology/ Product Design GCSE Grade English & Maths 5+
A Level Drama GCSE Drama 4+ OR GCSE English 5+ and one other subject 5+
A Level Economics GCSE Grade English & Maths 6+
A Level English Literature GCSE Literature & Languages 6+
A Level Further Mathematics GCSE Grade 8+ Maths
A Level Geography GCSE English & Geography 5+
A Level History GCSE Grade English & History 5+
A Level Mathematics GCSE Grade 7+ Maths
A Level Media studies GCSE Grade English 5+
A Level PE GCSE Grade English, Science, PE 5+
A Level Physics GCSE Grade 6+ Physics, 6+ Maths
A Level Psychology GCSE Grade English & Maths 5+
A Level Sociology GCSE Grade English 5+ or 6+ in a Humanities
BTEC Level 3 Applied Science GCSE Combined Science 5:5 or 5 in two Sciences
BTEC Level 3 Business GCSE Grade Maths & English 4+ or L2 Pass in Business at Level 2
BTEC Level 3 Engineering GCSE Maths & Science 5+, English 4+
BTEC Level 3 IT GCSE Grade Maths 5+ & English 4+ or L2 Pass in DIT
BTEC Level 3 Sport GCSE Grade English 4+ plus Sport level 2 Pass
BTEC Level 2 DT Construction and The Built Environment 4 GCSEs Grade 2+
BTEC Level 2 ECDL 4 GCSEs Grade 2+
BTEC Level 2 Retail Business 4 GCSEs Grade 2+
BTEC Level 2 Sport 4 GCSEs Grade 2+

Learning Support

At Ernest Bevin Academy Sixth Form, we pride ourselves on the academic development of our students. Excellence! Aim High! Seize the Day, All Day! are our mantra. With committed dedicated specialist Sixth Form teachers with the highest level of subject knowledge and experience.

We also offer learning support through our dedicated teaching and learning hub, where our students are supported by our Sixth Form academic mentor.

Independent Study

In the Sixth Form, homework is referred to as independent study, as students will increasingly be encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning in preparation for higher education and workplace training.

Independent Study is required to:

  • Reinforce and consolidate work covered in lessons;
  • Encourage independent and reflective learning;
  • Develop a deeper knowledge and understanding;
  • Prepare students for future lessons or assessments;
  • Promote an interest and joy in learning;
  • Enable teachers to make a judgement about students’ progress and level of attainment.

All students at Ernest Bevin Sixth Form, are expected to study outside of their lessons. This additional study is essential if students are to achieve or exceed their target. We recommend that for all level 3 subjects (AS, A2, BTEC, Applied qualifications), students should engage in independent study for a minimum of five hours per week for each subject.

Independent study will be set as specific tasks by subject teachers. This might include:

  • Coursework research and writing;
  • Essays;
  • Practice exercises;
  • Practical tasks;
  • Practice exam questions;
  • Flipped learning and note taking to be undertaken before the next lesson;
  • On-going work on BTEC assignments.

During examinations or controlled assessment periods, this may include:

  • Revision;
  • Completion of past exam questions.

Some work may not be set by teachers, but students are required on a weekly basis to:

  • Review work completed in class each day;
  • Write up/extend notes as necessary;
  • Read/extend their learning;
  • Undertake super curricula activities

Students will need to develop the organisational and independent study skills to enable them to cope with the level and quantity of learning required for success in the Sixth Form and manage their time effectively. The tutorial programme will provide study skills support to help students manage the transition from Year 11 to Year and from Year 12 to Year 13.

Through our programme of academic monitoring and support, we will identify students who are finding independent study a challenge or who need to manage their workload well. The Sixth Form Team will work closely with curriculum areas and, where necessary, parents to offer guidance and support through our pastoral system as appropriate.

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