Sixth Form Taster Sessions

Year 11 students are invited to attend Taster lessons which are designed to give them an idea of the content of Sixth Form courses. Students are encouraged to attend these sessions and to ask the subject teachers about the Sixth Form courses to help them make an informed decision about courses next year.

Taster Sessions run from Monday 26th June to Friday 7th July. There are 2 sessions for each subject, you may choose which one you wish to attend. If the subject is a popular one try and attend the first session, in case the second one is full. You must attend at least one session for each subject you plan to take in September. You should also attend at least one session for any subject you think you may be interested in as a back up, in case you change your mind or do not get the necessary grades.

Lessons 1 &2 start at 9.05

Lessons 3&4 start at 11.05

Lessons 5 &6 start at 14.00

Please arrive on time and bring a pen.

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Taster sessions June 2017




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