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English Rapper

B.R.E.I.S, a rapper/Performance Poet, who spent the day in college working with some of the boys in English lessons. "He told us about word play and used a specific line as an example: 'I moved in to an apartment until I realised what apart meant.'" said Ibrahim.


Head of English & Media Studies Ms A. Southgate
Assistant Principal Ms C. Boateng
Teacher of English (0.6) Ms S. Dajani
Assistant Principal Mr A. Duncan
Head of KS3 English Ms C. Edlin
Learning Support Assistant in English Mr C. Gibson
Senior Teacher Mr T. Kay
Teacher of English Ms H. Lewis
Teacher of English Ms A. O' Leary
Head of KS4 English Ms A. Qadir (maternity leave)
Teacher of English Ms S. Shelley
Teacher of Media & English Mr J. Taylor
Teacher of English Mr M. Tucker

Head of Year 10- Yellow Tie Achievement/

Teacher of English

Ms T. Williams




Special Projects Manager- Literacy/Pupil Premium (0.6) Mr J. Williams
Teacher of Humanities/Technology/Intervention (0.8) Ms M. Thornton
Pupil Premium/Literacy Teacher (0.9) Ms C. Weatherhead


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Reading List of Suggested books for Years 7-11

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